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What some of our clients have to say about us.


Susan Grissom, President

“You have been the absolute best! You are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every way. I would have never been involved with the board if it had not been for you. There has not been one other property manager I would have even considered working with.

Thank you so much for everything you have done – and that’s a lot.”


Ellen K. Bradley, President

“Bill, thanks for all of your assistance in the past few months with listening to our concerns and helping us to make this transition a seamless one with positive benefits for the Community.”


The Tekelys

“You are SUPER – your expertise will never be duplicated!”


Jay Eidex, President

“Let Mitzi know that I am extremely happy with the job that she and TM are doing, and I know the rest of the Board is too.

My only regret in hiring TM is that we didn’t do it sooner.”


Matt Curry

“I’ve found Team managment to be professional and consistent in managing our neighborhood. Bill’s (Mr. Wetter’s) personal attention has been a key factor in our successful relationship.”


Randy Roten, President

“Bill, it has been my very great pleasure working with you. Your initiative and tenacity have accomplished a lot for CT. Please consider me a reference for future business. I will without reservation tell anyone who asks, that, were it not for Bill Wetter and the staff of Team Management, Chattahoochee Terrace HOA would never have become a POA. I consider that a feat of tremendous significance, especially after having been a part of two previous failed efforts at community wide covenant updating projects.”


“Team Management has been the Lake View Homeowners Association management company for many years. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Bill Wetter and his amazing staff as the President of the Board of Directors. The staff of Team Management immediately evaluated and prioritized the actions needed to position and maintain our association at the highest level. Numerous areas required prompt attention due to economic changes with in our community. The staff of Team Management showed excellent knowledge of the governing documents and a superior work ethic, which allowed them to correct the discrepancies and revisions in record time. From the first meeting with Bill it was evident that Team Management was a valuable asset to our organization. Their confidence and ability to communicate with individuals on different knowledge levels is instrumental in well-organized and highly productive phone calls, emails and face to face meetings. When unique situations arise they are available in an advisory position and ready to contribute in any capacity necessary to insure the correct decisions are made in the best interest of the association. They have not only maintained our records in a highly efficient manner, but have suggested innovative ways to cut expenses. With all of the company’s outstanding attributes, the most important traits are its high degree of ethical standards and honesty above reproach. Truly, I can state that I would not be on the Board of Directors without Team Management on our team. In today’s business environment, it is rare to get what you pay for, but with Team Management cost plus is not uncommon. It is without reservation that I highly recommend Bill Wetter and the entire Team Management group for contractual consideration.”

– Amy Woodbury


“Thanks for all of your help in pulling out community back together. I feel very strongly that making the switch to Team Management was the best decision the Association has made.”

– Stacie Vrooman

“Thanks for everything and doing such a great job with the community. Actually, Team Management has been the best company we have dealt with. I have been a home owner in this community for 4 years.”

– Angela Smith

“Team Management has been doing an excellent job with managing the association and has helped us stabilize in regards to the management of our contracts, accounting, and planning. If you have not yet talked with Mitzi Vallely or any of the staff at Team, you have a pleasant experience awaiting you. We are all appreciative of their help.”

– James Cook, President