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Team Management is a multi-function propertymanagement firm managing properties of all sizes and shapes. While the main scope of our work is ‘home/condo owner association management’, we have the capabilities to transact any type of business in the real estate realm.

After years of experience with other management companies and home/condominium owner associations, Team Management, LLC was started as a result of seeing the ups and downs of the homeowner association market.

Homeowner associations have been around for thirty years and not a lot has changed. A circle has been created that sustains management companies without improving them, and having the Board of Directors constantly search for the ‘one company’ that will give them what they want. Management companies are routinely hired and fired, and then re-hired and re-fired. Turn-over amongst property managers is one of the highest around.

Management companies use cut-throat bidding to acquire properties from developers and from one another. Doing so causes management companies to a) pay low wages which forces them to obtain inexperienced managers; or b) overload the managers portfolio in order to make up for the salary of an experienced manager.

Management companies make promises to reduce violations and/or delinquencies; without knowing anything about the community or the community covenants and by-laws. Doing so causes distrust of all management companies when those promises are not fulfilled due to loopholes or failure of aggressive legal enforcement for fear of litigation, or just plain lack of enforcement due to overloaded portfolios.

Team Management is unlike the masses of property management firms in metro Atlanta. Homeowner associations need attention with a primary contact that can respond to them. Most property managers are overloaded with properties and cannot adequately respond to the needs of their respective Boards of Directors, much less the remainder of the homeowners. Managers are given workloads of 10 to up to an unrealistic 30 plus properties to manage. This causes burnout for the manager, and frustration for the Boards and homeowners.

Why do managers have such large workloads, because associations are not paying enough in management fees. Associations go from management company to management company looking for a better deal for a cheaper price, quite often times going back to the original company more than once. Like any other business, management companies need to pay their employees well to retain them. Management companies can only pay their employees well if their employees are managing large workloads.

Team Management will not be one of those companies. We will not sacrifice the service you demand and deserve by working at discounted prices. Our managers will never be overloaded with properties, a maximum of 10 properties will be the limit on our managers. By not overloading our managers they will not get burned out and will be able to adequately respond to the Board of Directors and homeowners. We will retain properties by giving them the service they expect.

"Thank you for getting the lights approved, Bill. I can only imagine what it would have taken for anyone not involved in neighborhood management to accomplish this. It probably would not have happened. It is great that you have the background and experience to be able to know how to get this done. And you also must have spent a lot of hours doing this, too. It is much appreciated!"